Six North Services

After years of working in companies, consultancies and as contractors, our CEO, Warren Drummond, founded Six North Services to help companies, founders and investors shape the products they want to deliver.

With experience building products for markets around the world, the Six North team want to help any business that is looking for support in how they plan, define and communicate their intentions.


Ensuring all stakeholder, internally and externally to your organisation understand you direction and ambition is key to success, and here are Six North we are able to help

Our Team
Warren Drummond, CEO


I started as a product manager for T-Mobile in 2000 and have been involved in creating great products ever since. I have experienced success and failure when bringing ideas and concepts to market. I have passionately enjoyed when a product is a success, people enjoy how it changes their life or jobs for the better

I have led digital transformations, launched new products and achieved product scaling within companies in a variety of industries bringing established and new propositions to market.

Working at C-suite level and with investors, I create product visions and strategies that reflect the business strategy then work successfully across an organisation to make them a reality. Commercially aware, and able to build excellent relationships with customers and stakeholders, I ensure growth, revenue and cost targets are understood and met.

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