Executive Leadership
Experienced in both corporate and start-up environments with a successful track record in getting new products and services to the market we work at the executive management level to ensure your product is led with energy and experience
Product Scaling
We have led the scaling of products and teams in multiple businesses growing products from 100 of sales a week to millions. Fully conversant in how to disrupt markets whilst building a passionate and dedicated team we work with you to recruit the correct people.
Work alongside the CTO to ensure the technical aspects are delivered as well as the subsidiary services needed to ensure a product scales well
Pricing and Forecasting
We can work with you to manage your P&L, understand cost management and how that is aligned to pricing. 
We have introduced pricing and scaling models to business to help understand burn rates, pricing as well build vs buy decisions.
Partner Management
Keeping everything in-house is not always the quickest, cheapest or most efficient way to build your product. We have experience in managing, negotiating and evaluating partners that are essential in your business.
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